Customer support requests to be submitted by the customer to CEQUENS via the support form exists in the customer portal under the “Support” link and the submitted request will be directed to or the customer could directly send to the mentioned support email and the issue will be handled by CEQUENS Support Team. Accordingly, the Customer will be receiving an e-mail containing the ticket number. The customer should be able to track ticket status at any time; as well upon status update the customer will receive a notification email.

Incident Definition 

Incidents will be categorized according to 4 priority as per below (Table 1) and servility levels based on the request type logged by the customer and the impact on the service.




Priority Level 1

Complete system or service failure “Total Outage” Failure to send SMS to multiple networks.

Priority Level 2

Failure to send SMS to one network or Service Degradation.

Priority Level 3

Problem in one of the services or functionalities that don’t have direct effect of

SMS termination process

Priority Level 4

Low effect on system or service operations.

Table 1 Incident Priority Level

Support Resolution Time 

CEQUENS Support is available on a 24/7 basis to handle all client tickets. Unless the issue will be resolved by another CEQUENS internal team which is during the normal 8 working hours ( 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Egypt time zone GMT+2 ), or another service provider.

Only issues that are related to connectivity with CEQUENS are to be resolved in under 12 hours.

Operators/providers related issues to be resolved in average of 24 hours to 48 hours (Note: Resolution time might increase according to different operators SLA).  

Although CEQUENS is continuously trying to provide the highest level of service and availability, at times there are some incidents which need immediate attention. All the incidents are handled in the most proficient manner to insure the minimal interruption to the Customer services.