FAQs related to SMS Service


  1. What is SMS Service?
    Outbound SMS Service allows business customers to send a large number of SMSs to a large base of mobile phone users at much reduced rates per SMS.

  2. What SMS service can be used for?
    Outbound SMS service can be used by companies to communicate to their customers, information/promotional purposes.

  3. Who can benefit from the SMS service?
    Any company that needs to interact with its customer base through a reliable, cheap, and effective method for communications would find Outbound SMS service is appealing.

  4. Can Cequens sell content services through Outbound SMS service?
    No. Outbound SMS service is only used to communicate with the client (Enterprises | Wholesale) customer base; not the general public, nor any random number.

  5. What are the product types of the SMS service?
    There are two product types for SMS:

    One-Way: companies to send SMS to its customer base, with no required interaction from the base.
    Two-Way: companies require interaction with the customer base, where the client sends SMS to his customer base, and the end customer can reply to the message he receives or can initiate their own requests. Two-ways requires short code or long code to send and receive the SMSs on it.

  6. What are the types of charging Schemes for Outbound SMS Service?
    There are two charging schemes for Outbound SMS service:
    1. Annual (Prepaid): Customer purchases SMS from Cequens with 1-year (12-calendar months) validity period. The customer can utilize and benefit from the SMSs in his account by purchasing a similar or greater amount than the amount remaining to extend the validity of the remaining balance to one more year. The rate per SMS for the total amount of SMSs in his account will be the new re-charge rate (not the old one).
    2. Monthly (Postpaid): Customer can send messages during a month, and will be charged and billed based on his usage by the end of the month. Given the setup of each charging type (annual and monthly), the rate per SMS for the Annual option is much cheaper.

  7. Do we provide SLA for Outbound SMS?
    Yes, we do provide SLA for the Outbound SMS service.

  8. What does a “session” mean? 
    A “session” is a communication session allowing customer servers to communicate with Cequens messaging gateways. They can send and receive during these sessions. From Cequens side, the session is a commitment from Cequens messaging gateway of certain resources on our servers to listen and reply to customer servers commands. So Cequens servers are fully attentive to client orders during an “open session.”

  9. What about the Commitment on SMS delivery to end-users?
    We deliver any SMS included in CEQUENS coverage as soon as the recipient’s device is switched on, and within coverage. 

  10. What about Security?
    The customer servers hosting the SMS application are securely connected to Cequens Messaging Gateways using a site-to-site IPSec/VPN connection, which allows a two-way communication between both systems.

  11. Do we charge on “delivery” or “submission”?
    We charge the message per submission on Cequens gateway.

  12. Do we provide an Application/GUI interface for the Outbound SMS service?
    Yes, through Connect Portal Interface.