The Quality Index Report displays the traffic quality for a specific country compared to Cequens traffic quality over a specific time period. You can use it to better understand your account’s traffic.

How can I find the Quality Index Report from Cequens Connect™? 

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to Cequens Connect

  2. Click on Dashboard 

  3. Click on Quality Index

  4. Choose a country 

  5. Select a predefined time period (or specify your own)

  6. Click Filter

What does the Time Period feature do?

The Time Period feature allows you to check the quality of your traffic compared to Cequens traffic over the Gateway, for a specific period of time, by choosing pre-defined intervals. 

This allows you to detect any gateway problems that happened during a specific period of time, on a specific network.

How does the Quality Index Report measure traffic quality?

The quality of traffic is measured in terms of Delivery Reporting (DLR) ratio, and success ratio. The DLR ratio is the percentage of the returned DLR for the designated traffic from the network operator. The success ratio is the percentage of delivered SMS for the designated traffic, and it’s calculated as a percentage of the DLR ratio.

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