• Available: Means that the Platform is available for the transmission and reception of messages. “Availability” shall be construed accordingly.

  • Message: Means any mobile originated and/or mobile terminated SMS.

  • Annual: Means a calendar year.

  • Platform: Means the messaging platform used by Cequens to provide its services.

  • SMS: This is an acronym for Short Messaging Services. An SMS means an alpha-numeric message no longer than 160 characters, or a unicode message no longer than 70 characters.

  • Transit Time: Means time required in seconds, from termination of SMS via the Cequens platforms till delivery to end user’s handset.

  • Customer Delivery Time: Means the time by which the message is delivered to the mobile phone.

  • Incident: An unplanned interruption to the service or a reduction in the quality of the service. Failure of a configuration Item that has not yet impacted the service is also an incident. For example, failure of SMS to reach an operator network. 

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