Once you create your new Sub-Account, you will be to Configure the account from the Actions tab, under the Sub Account on the left bar, as displayed on the below image.

Configuring your Sub-Account

You will need to login to your Cequens Connect™ account to start customizing the needs of your Sub-Account. Once you click on the Configure button, you will be able to manage the settings of the following tabs:

1. Interfaces and Services: 

You can select to grant permission to multiple interfaces; whether HTTP, SMPP, Website, HTTP Bulk, or Campaign Wizard.

2. Balance Allocation:

You can choose to assign your Sub-Account to;

  • Share Balance with the master account

  • Allocate Balance less than or equal to the amount of the master account

3. Display Mode:

You can choose any of the following options;

  • Show Balance Only: Shows the money balance and hides the available SMS credit.

  • Show SMS Only: Shows the available SMS credit and hides the money balance.

  • Show Both: Displays both money balance and available SMS credit.

  • None: Hides both the money balance and available SMS credit.

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