WhatsApp Businesses API is a scalable platform with accessible APIs and the ability to integrate with other systems (CRMs, contact center, … etc). It is suitable for enterprise business and requires partnership with a WhatsApp Business APIs solution provide and the business to be verified by Facebook. WhatsApp Business API supports multi-agents, automation, and sending notification messages.

Getting Started

When the business decides to have CEQUENS as its WhatsApp Business APIs Solution provider, CEQUENS will validate the existence of few prerequisites with the customer. Once the prerequisites are in place, CEQUENS will set up a WhatsApp business account, configure, and deploy WhatsApp Business API client for the business to be able to begin sending messages.

Watch Video

To try out  the WhatsApp Business Sandbox provided by CEQUENS, visit https://console.cequens.com/whatsapp-business/sandbox and watch the video tutorial.

For more information on how CEQUENS can help, visit www.cequens.com/whatsapp-business-solution.

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