Verify offers verification solutions such as two-factor authentication for companies looking to protect user identities and online accounts. It facilitates the adoption of different verification methods such as SMS one-time passwords, voice one-time passwords, and application soft tokens.

Currently, the platform supports SMS, Email, WhatsApp, Push Authentication, and Voice channels. Here is what you need to know to make the most of your free trial:

Once you sign up for Verify, we will put a virtual balance in your account which will give you access to the API key generator and two system default templates to choose from – in English and Arabic. Once you upgrade, you can create and customize your own templates.

Some of the main differences between the trial version and the full version include:

  1. Sender ID: The trial version lets you use a generic ID created by CEQUENS. You can customize your sender ID in the upgraded version.
  2. Account Defaults:
    a) Expiry time: set to 5 minutes by default.
    b) OTP digit length: set to 4 digits by default.
    c) Number of trials: set to 2 times by default.

All OTPs generated through Verify use hashing and are not stored on the CEQUENS network.

To know more about pricing for Verify, kindly contact our sales team through this form. For feedback, please email us on