To send call-to-action SMS using Campaign Wizard, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Campaign Wizard and click on Create Campaign.
  1. Click on SMS Call to Action.
  1. Enter your campaign name.
  1. Choose the desired Sender ID.
  1. Add the recipient phone number alongside its country code. 
  1. Type your message body.
  1. Enter the URL details then click Next. Please note that your recipients will receive a shortened version of this URL.
  2. OPTIONAL: Enable viewing your campaign data on Google Analytics.
  1. Choose when to send the message then click Next.

You should see a new field titled “User Redirected URL” alongside your URL details. Please note that your URL will be shortened in the message body.

Once you send your campaign, you will be directed automatically to All Campaigns. To check the status of your call-to-action campaign, click on the campaign name. Statistics/responses for your URL will be shown.

To watch an illustration video with the steps, click on this link.