Any business won't be able to create a WhatsApp Business Account and have it integrated with WhatsApp Business APIs unless the business completes Facebook's verification process. 

Creating a WhatsApp Business Account

To proceed with the account creation, the following must be in place:

  • The business must have a Verified Business by Facebook.
  • The business is preferable to have a Verified Facebook Profile/Page (accelerates the above process).
  • Facebook Business Manager ID is communicated to CEQUENS; this will then be used by CEQUENS to connect the business to WhatsApp Business Account.

What's next?

In the phone registration process, CEQUENS will request the below from the business:

  • A new and valid phone number: a number that can receive an SMS and/or a call) to be registered under the brand WhatsApp Business Account.
  • Display information: define the business name, business description, address, brand image – all of this information is to be shown in your WhatsApp Business Profile.