In WhatsApp Business, Dynamic Cards are modules which enable users to send interactive messages to different social media channels in the form cards. These cards may contain buttons, lists, or other interactive features to make your messages more engaging to customers and increase your response rates.

Dynamic Cards can be used whenever a different list of options needs to be sent to each user or this list changes periodically in the system. For example: list of available doctors in a clinic, available products in a store, etc. and users can select their preferences.

To create your first Dynamic Card, follow the below steps. Please note that only the admin can add and edit cards. Chat admins and agents can only send cards or use them through FAQ bots.

1. Sign in to CEQUENS Communication Platform

2. From the main menu, select Conversations > Cards

3. Click on New Card

4. Select Dynamic Choices Card

5. Click Next

6. Enter your preferred card name

7. Enter the message you want sent with your choices

8. Choose the card type between buttons or text (Note: Button is limited to 3 choices only)

Choices in the "Text" card type are retrieved from an API provided in the Data URL field. The card updates automatically when you update the API. This API needs to have a certain structure for its response to match the card as follows:

Once you're finished, you can test the card and save it. You can use it in our Omni-Channel Chat portal or through FAQ/AI bots.