There are multiple payment methods available to pay your invoices. They are highlighted below: 

Wire Transfer: 

  • You will need to reach out to for bank details. 

  • Our bank account will differ according to your billing company (CEQUENS Telecom, CEQUENS DWC, CEQUENS LLP, or CEQUENS Technologies).


  • Send an email to and ask for the PayPal account details. Don’t forget to state your username, invoice amount, and account manager's name in the email. 

  • You will also need to send an email to with the Account ID and payment information so they can authorize the payment.


Payment through Communication Platform

To make an online payment, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to Account Management.
  3. Choose Pay Online.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to pay.
  5. Click PayPal.
  6. Follow the PayPal payment instructions.

For further details, please reach out to your account manager.

To request consumption reports, balance analysis, or financial statements, or for disputes and refunds, contact

Below is a useful list of definition to help guide you through the payment process:

Prepaid: Customer pays in advance then uses the service. 

Postpaid: Customer uses the service then pays the consumption-related invoice. 


Balance: The current credit in the customer's account. 

Safe Limit: The amount allowed from CEQUENS to the customer to send traffic without making a payment. 


Test Account: Account testing the service, no contract needed.

Live Account: Account tested the service and started sending traffic after signing the contract. 


Master Account: Main customer account that contains all details needed for invoicing. 

Sub Account: Sub account from the main account that cannot be invoiced separately. 


Shared balance sub account: Consumption of Sub Account gets deducted from the Master Account. 

Allocated balance sub account: Master Account transfers balance to the Sub Account to be able to send traffic. 


Balance transfer: Customer can transfer balance between Master and Sub Accounts. 

Safe limit transfer: Customer can transfer the allowed safe limit between Master and Sub Accounts.