A Sender ID is the number that identifies the sender on recipients' mobile phones when they receive an SMS. We advise you to use a unique Sender ID that reflects the identity of your company to stand out among other brand names and increase the loyalty of your customers.


To register a new Sender ID, please send your request to support@cequens.com and our team will get back to you shortly. 


Whenever you send a message to recipients, they may see any of the below formats:

  • Fully Dynamic: Sender IDs can be configured according to your needs, but with limited length restrictions. You can use numbers or uppercase and lowercase letters. Spaces and special characters are supported, depending on the country destination.
  • Dynamic Alpha: Sender IDs can be set to a maximum of 11 characters, as long as uppercase and lowercase letters are the only characters used.
  • Dynamic Numeric: Sender IDs can be set up to 15 digits, as long as numbers are the only characters used.
  • Fixed Sender ID: Sender IDs can be set to fixed numeric or alphanumeric characters, according to your regional market requirements for messages that are authorized for delivery.
  • Random Numeric: Sender IDs can be set to random numbering for different campaigns that comply with regional regulations.


Note: Sender IDs have to be within 11 alphanumeric characters and minimum of 3 characters in Europe and the Middle East. Other destinations might have different configurations and you will be notified accordingly.